Archive: October 22, 2009

Research Review Day 2009 will highlight some of the groundbreaking research that is being pursued at the Baskin School of Engineering. The program is divided into our six focus areas -- Cyber Infrastructure, Systems Design, Bio-Info-Nano Technology, Mathematical and Statistical Modeling, Software and Service Engineering, and Bioengineering -- in order to give you a broad view of the exciting research that is being undertaken as we develop technology for a changing world. We have allowed ample time for discussion and hope you will find the day stimulating and rewarding.

Click here for the 2009 Research Review Day Program

Reasons to attend:

Glimpse the leading edge

  • Attend presentations on exciting research in areas such as bioengineering, nano-technology, software service engineering, cyber infrastructure, biostatistics, and systems design.

Tap into research support for your organization

  • Meet faculty and learn how UCSC research can advance your company‚Äôs goals through partnerships and collaborations.

Discover premier talent

  • Meet our top M.S. and Ph.D. engineering students and discuss their groundbreaking work.

Stay informed

  • Meet fellow technology leaders, researchers, and faculty who are dynamically changing the technology landscape in Silicon Valley

Click here for the 2009 Research Review Day Program